Joy has me

I will sleep with a smile
Looking as joy has encapsulated my heart
It has covered it in it finely knitted blanket
Feel it!
It is so tender
Like the finest of wools
Like a very very very fluffy dog
Even better than the soft touch of a baby
Or that cherished and only silk shirt you own

Joy has me covered in its hug
A very very very warm hug
I can feel my pulse and hers
My senses are levitating above my body
I have settled into a steady breath
Gradually my eyes calm shut
I no longer desire to envision this world
For all I want is this rest I have found
This which I have found in the arms of joy

Joy has got me
A grasp so firm
It boils from deep in my bowels, a laugh
One that reverberates through my vessels
My muscles contract and relax sporadically
Like a million volts through my body, I am livened
This joy has taken me over
I am filled with life
Now the rising sun is a desire


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