Stars and fire

Dance in my eyes, you burning beauty
Dance with the wind, you magnificent yellow
Waltz through my vision, and quicken my blood
Let your warmth fill me; delivering me from the cold night
Let your crackling be melody to my ears
Embrace me in this calm I feel
As I sit by this fire

Look down on me in your quiet solitude
Your shine guides me through the dark night
Across the vast ocean, you lead me
Your beauty crowns the earth
Like the eyes of heaven, you watch over me
Sing me your sweet sweet song of silence
As under these stars, I sleep

I am out here with the stars and fire
Their company, in the thick of nature, is calming
My chaos is kept quiet in my yesterday
And so I sit beside the hue of this beautiful amber [of fire]
Under the silver sparkle of this night time
And bask in the calm of your silent duet


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