Through a looking glass

They were one, as the calm surrounded them
The gentle afternoon breeze danced through his clothes
His arms rested on her back
Steadily, gently . . he stroked her back
She was at peace with him
They stared at the dancing waves
They watched the garments of the waters swirl around
They stared as the beach swayed with these waters
They watched along with the sun
Such a beautiful dance

She lay with her head on his legs as he stroked her back
The fur flowed on about under the ocean breeze
Her calm was enviable
The serenade of the day had captivated her
For not even the nudges from him could wake her
Not the runners, rising winds or sea gulls
Such peace is for the best of friends
And none is better, than a man and his dog
They had, this peace, found
And nothing [I see] can steal it

Through this looking glass, I behold them
From the cover of my shelter
And my heart coverts the peace they have found
My heart coverts the love for his dog
Above all my heart desires they should run
Across the sands, grass and waters
A man and his dog


Dead dogs do not run
Sorrow is hidden by the best comics
Grief has no smell
And loss lives lavishly, in the silence

Dead dogs do not run . . . for the ball


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