Speak to my deepest innards

I lean on you , my dear friend
On your shoulders, I rest my head
Close to your lips, I rest my baffled ears
That you may fill them, with counsel
And the heart that lies beneath, you may be stir to life

For my day is gone to rest
It lies in the  dark, seeking strength from sleep
It is still in its posture, seeking nothing from no one
It is quiet in its demeanour, basking in solitude
A momentary escape from the chaos of light

In this silence , I call to you to speak
Speak your words that flow with wisdom
Speak them to this stubborn ears of mine
Let them wash down to the pits of my heart
And flow away the dirt I gather from light

My dear friend, speak
Do not restrain yourself from chastising me
Do not hold back the rod that will guide me from perdition
Pave the streets of my heart with knowledge
And its walls with understanding

Then I can walk with confidence and caution;
Two brides leading me through tomorrow
I will stand on the sunset, doused in smiles that hurt
For though the thorns and thistle that scar me do not fear your words
Though the pull at me, breaking skin and blood
Your admonition will rest [dearly] in the bosom of my hear
And these steps I will take, they have livened
Now and forever


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