Picture of the broken

Show me a picture of me
That I may cower in shame
And my face, hide from the world
For I am ashamed of my fractures
The cracks that run along my being,
Spreading apart my smile, it leaves me in despair
They open the joints I [desperately] seek to close
They let the imperfections of existence in
Now my insides are filled with the remnants of lives lived
I am filled with the rot and dirt that harbour this earth
Look at the shame they have created in me

Please take this picture away from me
Let my eyes rest from this misery
I chose not to lay them on who I am
No more will my heart look to them
For my heart is torn by my brokenness
And my wavering person, distresses me
I am fallen inside of me and crawled out
Into the core of my being, had I crashed
There, I sew the deepest of my brokenness
And the shame still makes me shrivel
For I am shattered from my core

Please, I insist, take this picture from me
Never do I want to see it again


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