Not only kisses

I feel the chill in the night
This is the earth gently reminding me
Possibly of the risk of being here
Or of its un-forgiveness
Could more goose bumps rise from my skin?
Or can my muscles tremble harder?
Could any or all of these send me back into the comfort habitación?

I am right here with you
My head rests on your shoulders
Face full of your dancing hair
In here [now], I understand comfort
I come to a better grasp of relaxation
Somewhere I can rest as I feel you on my chest
And your heart dancing on my chest

My heart desires no kisses
My lips do not desire yours
They are tied with a grandiose sense of satisfaction
Possibly by the sweet smell of you
My dear, my lips desire no kisses now
Shut without words, they rest
By your side; buried in you


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