In anticipation of joy

Long and meandering is the way
It descends by the hill and rises to the clouds
Its edges swing the head of the rider that gallops
Till his neck kisses the lips of death
But I have walked gently on this path
And even at time, when the moon alone witnessed
I have crawled on this path
When my horse grew wary and my legs famished
The strength of these arms persisted
They lifted me through the thorny path
And under the shadows of the mountains, they carried me
I heard the night laugh at me
I heard the day giggle
Even the sun looked at me in pity
The rain clapped at me
With thunder and wind, it taunted me
– maybe in a bid to spur me on
– maybe in a bid to chase me from its presence
Look, I stand at the summit of a hill
The flames of completion are just beyond the horizon
My heart is overcome by tears and faith
Like a whirlpool, beneath my face
I look at the brightened horizon
And my heart can no longer, its tears, contain
Let grace keep me to that day
– and beyond
That my eyes may be brightened by those raging flames
and through the [anticipated] tears and relief, hold tight to the joy of end.



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