Waiting for sunset

Let us sit by the open window
As our eyes surf the undulating cityscape;
The rising towers and the ocean that surrounds
Dressed by the setting sun, they glimmer in beauty
The evening breeze fills our senses
And our hearts, they bring to the acceptance
Of the end of our effort and the stack of our slumber
But still before their beauty, does this heart tremble
Its countenance is graced with anxiety
Calm is only a dream that waltz beneath our open window
its sweet sensual perfume, taunting our feeble minds
And its enticing whispers of songs, taunting our callous ears
Such an affair is short lived
Such a romance will never come to birth
This heart longs for the passing of tomorrow
Leaning over the window seal, I tear up in loss
Loss of that [calm] which I will never hold
Till the stream of anxiety is gone
Till its flow, through my being, is complete
Then the [immense] beauty of sunset will this heart fully cherish
And the sweet nectar of slumber, this body dwell in
Oh, how I long for this


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