My dear friend

The dark days are born of our distance
They thrive on the emptiness my heart feel
– that I cannot walk with you
– or have you call out my stupidity
– that I cannot have your reaction as my judge
– or intentionally crash into you
of this is the reason my sun casts only shadows on my day
Come to me,
So I find [my] laughter
and [my] life may wake in your touch
this I desire

I have strived by each day
Waiting for your presence
Your smile, dimples, hug
I ask sunshine to walk you back to me
And warmth to urge you to envelope me
For I am in the cold without you
I am in the cold world [alone]
[without you]

my dear friend





A heart for solitude

Where can one’s heart find solitude?
Under what sun, can peace last forever?
Where does the troubled heart find calm?
Let the one whose night is filled with monsters,
lay his head on the bosom of love
Let such, give one’s heart to forgiveness
and let the pride that raises shoulders above mountains,
be laid at the foot of a rock
Then the slumber will feel like feather
and sleep like new birth.
Even the gyrating heart will find its waltz
and the cover of night will hold no demons

Where can one’s heart find solitude?
In the bosom of love
where the heart has lost its grip

In silence

So many people sing in silence
voices tucked in belts, boots and buckets
Like the woolly head of a mop, their beauty is thrown to the earth
To the filth, spills, piss and guts of the earth
they lie
Taking pride in their use
Here is praise, ascribed to the mop,
made of gold

So many people sing in silence
Their days are filled with hums
The vibration from hands trembling
This is born of fear; do not take my daily bread
This is born of fear; do not laugh at my daily bread
This is born of fear; this bread is not big enough
This is born of fear; ‘I am actually afraid’
and fear lives [fervently] with them

So many people sing in silence
Melody tucked in trunks, drawers, palms and pen covers
Even thoughts are not privy to their singing
Bound in the deepest of death
These sing have been lost to never
They will never, the cry of a baby, calm
The soul of a miner, lift
The dance of a piano, accompany
Or the tears of a shower, grace

So many people sing in silence
Sad is humanity, that horns, factories and engines are our melody
Agitated, distracted and tormented
Such is the fate we have chosen
Such is the fate they have offered
Estranged, will we always be, from your singing
And in silence, we have come to dwell
In silence, we have come to abound

Believe the hype

Believe the hype
Love ruins
It runs the senses of the eloquent to the ashes
their composure it rattles and tosses like a dice
Left sprawled at the hand of fate
Even the fire in the arms if the warrior
that which guides them through travail and odds,
Love douses with a kiss
Love strokes the soothing of slumber
and the rage of the ferocious is sooth
soothe to a puppy

Do not be deceived
The tales of this love is true
Do not meddle, without caution
Do not meddle with bare hands, face or hearts
Risky is the fate that lie beyond this path

In my words

I wish my words brought life
Filled with the goodness of living and the vitality of youth
That in their construct, would joy be
In their essence, goodness
I wish that from its reception, comfort will be found
And understanding will fill its trail
Let its return bring gladness to me
And in its exit, may I find knowledge
And when the solace finally engulfs it, introspection should flourish

I wish life was found in these words
In their wholeness should a newness emerge
Let me feast on their fruit
Let me, to them, seem a stranger
Teach me from the abundance of my word
From its ricochet, may I be enlightened anew
That when the silence engulfs and the quiet is home
Wisdom would be abound

Lean into me

Lean into me, my darling
Lean close into my chest
Let your warmth be my everything
Snuggle deep into me
So my soul may broaden in a smile
let your open palms lean on my chest
As you feel my pulse steady for you
And my breath, settle into a rhythm
My heart longs for your presence, my darlin
It longs for your touch; gentle and tender
It longs for you so the anxiety that chokes me
that which rattles my wrist and sends flailing my hands
that anxiety that whips my discomfort into a gallop
And sends my calm tumbling down a hill
Let you touch, your gentle lean
Let your hand on me, chase away

Lean in to me, my darling


This bitter taste of doubt
Lies on a time so precious
It does cast a taste of great sour
[like the fruit of the cursed vine]
On the tongue of one that welcomes it
Not even the sweet nectar of love
or the aroma of enchantment
Not even the bursting colours of spring
Or the enchantment of music
Can quench this taste

The bitter taste of doubt
Fill with rot, the mouth of the entertaining
And his supper
Forever shall be likened to ash

Cast off

Cast anxiety out from your abode, my heart
Send it to the depths of darkness, my heart
Cast it far so it may never return to you, my heart
Cast it so wonder may perpetually accompany it, my heart
Cast it far from you, my dear heart
Cast it far from that which lives, my dear heart
Cast it beyond the abyss, my heart
Cast it long and far beyond the pit of nothingness, my dear heart
Let it never find peace, my heart
Cast it with all your might, my dear heart
Cast it with all the might that flows in you, my heart
I desire that it tumble far as per the fall from my heart
And may its limbs be shattered in its tumble from you, my heart
No heart shall it accost again, my dear heart
No other heart shall it find abode like it did in my gentle heart
None whatsoever, my dear heart

Waiting for Company

Sweet company
Where have you gone
I sit in solitude, waiting for your return
I sit, distracted by desperate anticipation expecting your presence
I sit, keeping at bay, all distraction
I sit, far from the yapping of human
I sit, secluded from their disturbance
I sit, in my privacy, waiting for your beautiful presence
My heart wishes for your enchantment
That it may be lifted from its pit of depression
And the coat of loneliness that weights it down may be lifted
I sit, anticipating your return
None should bother me with mindless chatter
My entirety is waiting for you, company
Waiting that in your return, I may find excitement
And in your presence, I may find joy

Hurry up and return, my dear company
Hurry, before I dissipate into the emptiness
with which I have surrounded myself
Hurry back
my sweet company


The complexity of our individual stories amuses me
This thought of it intrigues me
That through time and space we all travelled
Over adversities we have travailed
Through adversaries emerged
Find us standing
Find is smiling
Find us engrossed in devices
Find us sleeping
Find us amused
Find us disenchanted
Find us all in the heart of el metro