Walk in fear

Walk in fear
You whose words break open the earth
Walk in the deep shivers of fear
you who whose choices server the path of fate
To you, who ride the [fast] streams of time
Fill your heart with caution
That you may charge, not on the wrong arm

These days are old
They are filled with the strains of the aged back.
The breaths we take are longer and fuller
Our sighs express our weariness
encumbered in the rolling quagmire inside
Our thoughts are profound
Held and chewed upon till they speak in new tongues

These experiences have only taught us to fear
Knowing that the splash of today raised the waves of tomorrow
And by the force of Poseidon, they return
Angered by their travels and the insidious nature of men
We are left at their mercy
And under the shadow of their towering fear, we live
Perpetually tormented by their presence or pending return

Walk in fear, I charge
Walk in it, now that you know your fate
Walk in its path you who understand the spinning earth
Maybe there, you will find caution
And the fortitude for tomorrow may be discovered
That which gives you a chance for tomorrow
and a hope outside hell


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