Waiting for Company

Sweet company
Where have you gone
I sit in solitude, waiting for your return
I sit, distracted by desperate anticipation expecting your presence
I sit, keeping at bay, all distraction
I sit, far from the yapping of human
I sit, secluded from their disturbance
I sit, in my privacy, waiting for your beautiful presence
My heart wishes for your enchantment
That it may be lifted from its pit of depression
And the coat of loneliness that weights it down may be lifted
I sit, anticipating your return
None should bother me with mindless chatter
My entirety is waiting for you, company
Waiting that in your return, I may find excitement
And in your presence, I may find joy

Hurry up and return, my dear company
Hurry, before I dissipate into the emptiness
with which I have surrounded myself
Hurry back
my sweet company


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