Why do you live in such mystery?
This I say as my eyes rest on you
Every day, your beauty rises like the morning sun
Burrowing from under the earth of pressure, you emerge with ferocity
Your tenacity for life holds the moon to the earth
Your passion calls the beautiful flowers in spring and the rain from the cloud
You hold bewilderment in your hands
And on your back, the manifestation of awesome

Why do you live in such misery?
My dear, why do you? [sigh]
Why place this rock on your aching back?
Is this the trait of the meek?
Is this the evidence of righteousness?
You try with a golden heart, to weigh down your smile
And to puff out your dimple till they turn crooked you [beautiful] lips
Do not, me, deprive your smile from.

My dear friend
Life is meant to be beautiful
And death, a culmination of smiles
Let me lift this rock from you
Crawl from under
For I (desperately) need your sun


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