Like a river

All I want is peace like a river
Flowing through cities and towns
The dirt they leave in this river turn it’s color into gold
The hearts that swim in it are hardened like diamonds
They shine as the sun voyages through them
They are precious to my soul
Even the night envies their countenance
The poor are glorified by them
Their spirits sing on the banks
This river meanders through the streets of our towns and cities
No one dares dam it

Jump into this river
You who stand idle
You who look on the edge and desire of its cool
You whose feet run like the sun
Roll your trousers and let your ankle drink
This river brings respite to the weary
The patient sit on Its banks and wiggle their toes in it
you should find company here
your evenings and night should be in this river
And when your heart desires its leave, take a bottle with you
Or better yet, dig the trenches, that this river may flow with you
You whose heart is a seeker of peace


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