Sit with me

Please sit with me and speak.
Let your words find their way into my heart
Let them borrow deep into my soul
And beyond the light that I hold dear
Find the abode of understanding
For I seek to know you
To grasp the wisdom that guides your steps
Deliver me from my ignorance
I fear this pedestal which I plant my feet
have over you, cast a cloud of disdain
One which is dark in its countenance
It holds the light of reason from us
And the leaves of compassion are withered under it
The rivers of peace are unseen under its overcast
Help dispel this darkness
This I ask you

In your patience, fill my heart with your words
Let them be soft and yet sharp
Tenacious but yet gentle
Compassionate and yet filled with truth
So sit with me
Bring your peace to me
And in your words, cover me in your love
That I may know your heart

[my friend]


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