I stand here before you
– sorrow
I have darkened the clouds above you
I filled them with rocks till they rained
earth covered with bloodied pebbles
Anchors from today, will run from the earth to your heart
Tugging at them
These heart will do more than be heavy
I, sorrow
have cover the earth with your tears
Salty and dry
I have dried the oceans with them
Lakes, rivers are fountains have been driven to hiding
by these tears

I am the bearer of this sadness
Of this cold days
I strut though your streets with the dry wind
And the clanging of silence and sobs
The creaking of dried [tear] ducts
The famished groan of a soul
I am the bearer of this

I stand, broken

Before you is sorrow
The bearer of your anguish
My heart curses me
And I have no more words of rebuke for myself
In this day, I have become what I have done
– sorrow


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