Understanding patience

You see
My desire to be patient in all matters most especially when
patience is not needed has fallen, with disturbing winds,
though a series of interpretations and misunderstanding.

I seek to be patient
That even in the moment of distress
When anxiety shares my apple
Or distress give its burning hug
Then, should my shoulder be
propped high by swollen lungs,
and let to fall under
the refreshing sound of

I seek to be patient
So even when desire lifts my feet,
and spins me, like the excitements
of fan blades caught in their jubilation
of purpose, even then, I want to be let to fall.
To land in a walk.
Where the motions of running
brown horses, can fill my vision
Whilst my heart abstains from
mimicking theirs.

I seek to be patient
Let the rusty anchors that rip open
the earth behind me,
let it be left shackled
only to the dock.
I seek to drift in patience.


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