If I was to
remove myself from this picture,
the absence of my image from
within the context
it was made,
what am I then?
Is my being now different
from who it has always been? Or
has the entirety of being
been changed by my
Who am I then? When,
from all I know
I have been taken out of,
And from all I know,
I have been separated
As now, I attempt to twist,
back my head.
A exorcistic metamorphosis
of my understanding
[Identical]. An attempt at the
appreciation, like West,
of my dark fantasy. [beautiful?]
is it really that dark? Especially
in my absence?
Who then am I again? Light?
light. or part? Or a reflection?
Am I the sum of all
that I have been made from.
Or am I
just a product?
is me indifferent from
being, [been]?



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