never seemed interesting.
be they windy, spiral, cold, rugged,
steep, colourful. They always left me
winded, gasping for a window back into
existence as I gulped more air. The uneven ones felt like
a continuous prank by a builder on my desire for
predictability. I never really liked staircases.
Even when pop culture encouraged me
to imagine them with love gliding
down their descent. I still didn’t
like them.

Most especially
because I just tripped
over one.

never seemed interesting.
Now you climb down. Like tasks
conquered, you rejoice after each step.
The way you let your weight, find spread
over the edges, easing your body gently, and
letting your knees catch you. Each drop is followed
by a gaze at me. I wonder if you wonder if I am there.
I am.
I am amused at your tenacity. Staircases never
seemed interesting. Especially after I
tripped. You have brought it back.
The fascination. Fascination for
Staircases. I love watching
you conquer them. One
step after the other.
My little princess.


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