The impetuous

The impetuous,
a daring coyote whose howl
resonates with the cliffs,
sands, and adventure.
Rushing at the carcass of introspection,
it rips the heart away.
Its entrails, it litters,
over the high rocking valley.
Like tears stain running
from the crying sun.

I am made for the wind
and for the rapids.
And to feast with love
and tears.

I will dance with the tree
and the lizard. With goats,
whistles, and playing cards.
Even ride with laughter,
swim with sobs, and wrestle
with spirits.

I will kiss sunset on her lips,
stroke summer on her cheek
hold dinner close to my chest,
spin music under the chandelier,
run, hand in tearful laughter,
Comb the beard of jungles.
and swim with bonfires.

I am the impetuous.


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