Shadows and forever

The shadows rose,
from feet planted in cold beach sand,
till heads fell off the horizon.
The half sun intimately kissed
the dancing water till
its nose wiggled beneath the bubbles.

Smiles are half seen beside
the yellow sun that caresses your left,
and the dark that soothes your right.

the chill of cold ocean water
cuddling against our shins,
squeezes to our surface,
laughter and rattling teeth;
a weird cocktail.

Shivering lips don’t sing too well.
Not even when warm hands
rest on blue cheeks.
Yet the memories we made
beside the leaning sun,
will warm this heart forever.




They squeezed
desperately trying to strangle
their pet; loneliness.
Born and cuddled in late night
self-loathing, and the tears of

They squeezed tighter.
Hoping to cut the, blood and air that
keep their broken hearts, gaping.
Their clenched fist, grabbing on
cloth and sadness.
Vision turned dark by
crunched eye lids and the
burning salt of escaping eye rivers.

They squeezed tighter.

Some hugs are designed
to bring warmth.
Others, for love.
This, they silently admitted,
was meant to kill their loneliness.


on the pendulum.
I don’t know where
I am: Right or Wrong.

The standing wind runs
through my hair. Into my

running face. Eyes, in
bliss, closed.

Pendulum, swings again.
I am undecided.
but in peace.


Tasted rain

I have tasted
of the coming rain
and not, the brown earth.
Its dust and whirlwind
cloud my senses with bitterness

Am I not better, in the absence of this
knowledge? How is it that my
urge for feeling the cool air;
the chill of splattered water;
the sight of dancing
trees; laid me on
my back, as
with my tears.


Holding tight,
he strangled loneliness.

Arms, wrapped around
shoulder blade and back. Fingers
clenching jeans jacket, cotton shirt, and scarf.
It seeped out dressed as tears.

“Hold me longer,”
he whispered,
“it is almost out of breath.”


Oceans (II)

Our feet
made the best stories.
They spoke of earth and grass.
Of water, trees, smells, hurt and
the gentle hand of massage.

They laughed.

One sounded like wiggled toes,
while the other, like tender splashing.

Water. Cold.


all lie.