On a boat

I had a meal on a boat.
A meal with [many] others. Our meal
was graced by my silence and punctuated
by fascination.

The captain was lovely.
Her smile warmed the room,
and our laughter lifted all lips to joy.
Her heart sang. It sang through the menu.
Through the aroma that cuddled out, the wariness
that daytime had sprinkled on us. Her heart spoke with passion
for graciousness. That her boat may bring succour to all, and all may
to her boat, bring their graciousness.
Her heart spoke through words that rested on her fridge.
They looked like raging fires on black mountain tops; warming
the night, fight the cold, and calling the travellers. Maybe
her burning passion longed for posterity
as posters and quotes. Her heart
shone in the laughs, belch,
and eyes closed “mmm”
of her crew.

We were all captains. As we shared, under
the sleepy moon, lives, marinated by our times
around boats of different colours
and textures. But our grace,
tonight, was on her boat.
This one dressed
in love, wine,
and cheer.

I had a lovely meal on a boat,
and my heart wishes it never ended.


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