My darling un-me
You who I am yet to love.
You are.


The clumsy hypnotist

I stuck time
in a washing machine
and watched it spin over and over
and over and over and over and over again.

I may have accidentally hypnotised myself.

Cracked whip

He cracked his whip
and split the earth in its back
ever so lightly.

“Back” he shouted in a whisper.
The dying roar of his drowning restraint
attempted to slither out.

*whip crack*
“back!” he uttered,

“Back, you tears.
I am the master
of this life”,

he lied.

Never lost

The distant buzz that descends
on the tranquil of open green fields.
Those fields spiced with yellow, and flavoured
by yawning daisies.

Civilisation finds you

Above and within

Above us
lie wonders, more intricate,
and intriguing than
our hearts dare

In us,
lie ferociousness
and disdain, that we dare
not antagonise.

There is danger
and beauty everywhere.

While (if) I fall

If I fall through
the cracks, and the earth
opens up in a yawn to sip me whole,

I will bruise my palms and rip my
shins apart while desperately
holding these beaches

that by God, I pray
lie on my path.