The right pose

Phrase a question right.
Phrase it like his suit and pose
as he stands with a throbbing pulse,
waiting for her to glide down the aisle.
Phrase it in such perfection
and the heavens will be clothed
in red and orange; the birthplace
of flames, earthquakes and volcanos.

Phrase a question right.
Like the angel that glides
down the runway where on its cliff
her heart finds wait.
Phrase it with such beauty
and the earth will be the trident
that strikes the universe
and fills its corners with sick.

Phrase a question right,
like the curves and pricks
of the rose that holds glowing,
night rain and morning dew.
Phrase it with such craftsmanship
and hell will be green.
filled with trees, horses,
ice cream and the sweet tasting
chuckle of blissful innocence.


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