Soot and teeth

How we search
for happiness in the rubbles of despair
maybe a bid to distract ourselves
from the soot that gracefully
camps on our face.

These teeth glow in the contrast
of who I now am.

“My dear son”, I mutter to the wind,
“There is no harm in climbing high walls.
Beyond them, sometimes,
lie forests, with trees as tall as our gods
and rivers as long as the hairs on our angels.
The birds beyond these walls sing in a language called beautiful
and their breath is the string on which life is balanced.
I do not judge you for climbing this high wall.
with slippery shoes, weak limbs,
and a desire for dimples.
But you will fall like me.
And hurt your back.
and your hip.
and your arm.
and your heart.
and your other arm.
And the rumbling wall will look down at you
And bathe you in its laughter. One that chars the trees around you.
Here is the birth of the soot. Lie in it till your teeth glow”.

Do these teeth glow in the contrast
of who you are now?

“Climb again I must say.
This time, with an aching back
and an aching hip
and an aching arm
and a heart
and another aching arm”.


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