Silence walks gently into your peripheral.
Silence lays one hand on your waist.
Silence waltz you into a dance.
Silence is the company you desire.
Silence stares blankly into you.
Silence fills you with a kiss
a spin, a spin, a waltz.
Silence is charming … today.
Silence is attractive … today.
Silence rests tenderly, like hypothetical feather,
in your heaven facing palm.
Silence is gentle today. Like hypothetical feathers.
Silence sits you down on the side of the party.
Silence points the drowning moon to you.
Silence slows the procession of the stars.
Silence sways your foot as they dangle over the ledge.
Silence rests a warm palm on yours as they grip the edge and prop up your shoulders.
Silence, like the timely spin of perfectly synchronized swimmers,
sights with you.
Silence sings a fist full of night breeze through your happy hair.
Silence leans out, still holding your hand, and with a finger
swirls the stars into a dance.
Silence rests its hands over your other shoulder.
Silence pulls you into silence. A side embrace in silence.
Silence walks beside your even breath
and within your shut eyes.
Silence whispers you to sleep.
Silence rolls the covers over you.
Silence sets you to slumber in the cuddle of silence.
Silence breaths calm into your being.
Silence sings you to sleep … in silence.
Silence holds you in sleep.
Silence turns off the day.


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