The Audacity to hope

“Without hope, we are nothing. To love I dare say is to hope for the good of other”.

So Hope again is this all important fundamental factor of human life. Affecting Love, Faith, motivation, creativity, enthusiasm, trust, courage, persistence and a number of human activities. Why then is it not on the forefront of human treasures. Why is it not guarded diligently?

Well for one, Hope is fragile. It takes a long and tedious process to build one’s hope. Hope just like courage, trust and muscles is built by the frequent and diligent nurturing of its infancy. Hope like the rest, gets stronger based on the fulfillment of other things hoped for. Hope grows and becomes stronger and lunges for bigger goals. Bigger prospects.

But also in this process are the missteps that hurt and break ones hope. Like trust and faith, the unmet desires crush the heart and makes it weak. The child that never was born or the trophy that slips through one’s fingers. The fallen piece of pizza or feeling of one’s house on fire, the letter of rejection or the result that reiterates the story of “below average”. These hard punches of life relegate hope to a desolate part of humanity. Relegated to the dark, secluded and musky room guarded by reality and experience: the new companions of hope.

But that Audacity. That one that allows a push again. That audacity that lets you look her in her eyes and speak your heart. The audacity to smile and change the course of the tears flowing down. The audacity to push the covers away. The audacity to go down once more for a push up. The audacity to study for the test again. The audacity to vote. The audacity to write to your senator. The audacity to start the new assignment with less than an hour to submission. The audacity to go for the first guitar lesson even when you lost the sensation in one finger.


The audacity to hope is defiant of reality.


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