Hate me

Just scream
Please scream at me
Raise your voice
Shout, shove me, stare at me, cuss me out
Get angry at me
But please do not ignore me.
Do not, to my face, ignore my existence

Hate me a little, a lot
Tell me why you detest me
Make me hate you
Make me feel something other than invisibility
Make your vision be distracted by me
Make my being, exist in your world
Just do not look past me

Please, don’t let me disappear
Don’t let your world, move right past me
If I cannot get your love,
At least your anger should be mine
At the very least, your hate should be mine
For it is better to be hated in your world
Than to not exist in it at all

They say hate is the opposite of love
They say evil is the opposite of good
But from here, where I stand
This feels worse.
My invisibility, my non-existence,
I stand in a crowded place
But I feel like the only tree in the desert


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